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Welcome to Export Compliance

Export Compliance performs a wide variety of services for NASA Ames Research Center personnel, serving as the clearinghouse for the appropriate dissemination of Ames information.

"Export" is defined as "The transfer of anything to a 'FOREIGN PERSON' or a foreign destination by any means, anywhere, anytime, or a transfer to a 'U.S. PERSON' with knowledge that the item will be further transferred to a 'FOREIGN PERSON'."

"Exporting" can include:

  • Placing information on the Web; making data available through ftp sites.
  • Placing information in the Public Domain.
  • Verbal discussions with foreign nationals; presentations to groups that include foreign nationals.
  • Hand-carrying items outside the U.S.
  • Traditional shipments of items through Center transportation offices to destinations outside the U.S.
  • Mailing, faxing, or e-mailing items outside the U.S. or to foreign nationals within the U.S.

Our programs provide assistance with traveling abroad, sponsoring foreign national visitors, review for presentation/publications/Web releases (NASA Form 1676), approval for mailing/shipping overseas, classifying Ames products, and drafting agreements and plans for international collaborations.

Mission Statement: The Export Compliance Office of NASA Ames Research Center facilitates the appropriate dissemination of Ames products by working with resident staff and contractors to ensure compliance with export regulations.