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NASA Ames Fire & Emergency Services

Fire & Emergency Services provides the NASA Ames Research Center with fire prevention, fire protection, and emergency preparedness services. As the point of coordination for all on-Center emergency responders, the Protective Services Office is responsible for developing and maintaining an effective, on-Center capability to mitigate all-risk emergencies in accordance with APG 1601.4, the Center's Emergency Preparedness Procedures and Guidelines.

To meet its responsibilities, the Fire & Emergency Services Branch oversees the Center's Fire Prevention Office, Fire Department, and Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

The Fire Prevention Office and the Fire Department are specifically overseen by the NASA Ames Fire Marshal - the Center's "Authority Having Jurisdiction" (AHJ) for fire protection and fire/life-safety issues. The Fire Marshal coordinates the fire/life-safety code enforcement aspects of the job with the Center's Occupational Safety, Health & Medical Services Branch, Facilities Engineering Branch, and Plant Engineering Branch.

The Emergency Services Manager specifically oversees the day-to-day operations of the EOC, and ensures that both it and the personnel assigned to it are trained and prepared to effectively manage on-Center emergencies.

DART logo, Go to the DART website.In preparation for a major emergency or disaster, the Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) was formed. DART is an all hazard Federal emergency response and recovery team home-based out of NASA's Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, California. DART is the focal point for the NASA Ames Research Center Emergency Services program. DART has an elaborate training and technology test-bed facility that is available to members of the emergency services community. For more information about DART, visit the DART website;